July 31, 2008

The Final Flight

Everything is now set..

We will leave August 8 at 5:30 from Dulles and arrive in Addis Aug 9 at 7:20 am

We will leave Addis for home Aug 14 at 10:45 pm and arrive back in Dulles Aug 15 3:40 pm..

We will have a 7 hour layover on the way home in Amsterdam (won't that be fun!)

According to Almaz, the orphanage director, we won't need a visa for A. The will have everything set in case that we do and they will expedite it...but she says that she is sure that we won't. Pray all that is right! She in the meantime is contacting the embassy to make sure...

The latest--Again

Waiting for the official word from Julie, but our flights are now switched to Dutch Airways so that we can come home... (ET airlines are oversold up through August..The first free flight is in September.) This means:

I will leave on the Aug 8 and return on the 21st. (still waiting confirmation on this) Because we are flying Dutch Airways 'A' will need a transit visa (yes to just be in the airport)...and this takes 4 days to get in Ethiopia.

Does it ever end?

July 30, 2008

Travel Decisions


They reserved us (not yet booked) flights for the 9th on Dutch Airways...The only problem is that it will cost a total of $2600 more (which brings us up over $7000 for tickets alone) than the flights we have now. It would only be a 5 day stay. The other choice is keeping our flights now, staying a week longer, and then trying to get flights back. The Ethiopian Airlines rep said they are really full until September and that August is a really bad time. She checked the 14th, 15th, and 16th and they are all full.

$2600 more is a hard pill to swallow!

July 29, 2008

Immigration Approval Cleared

I heard from Julie just now and our age extension was sent to the Embassy in Ethiopia...so we are cleared there! whew!

Flight status....Everything is full for next Saturday...Candy at the travel agency is trying to get the families in (there are now 5 families traveling). She said she will try some non-traditional routes (hot air balloons?) and will let us know this afternoon.

Casey and I may be traveling this weekend still and just coming home later. Hopefully we will know for sure this afternoon!

Continue to Pray!

I got an update on our son today...It said that he is a big eater and is free-spirited! Translate that to higher grocery bills and a hand full! He loves soccer and basketball and classical music! I can't wait to meet this little guy!

July 28, 2008

Update and Room is Done!

Still waiting to hear something as far as our embassy appointment goes. I did find out that the USCIS Fairfax approval was sent to The National Visa Center and received on July 15..so it is there somewhere..just finding it !

We got A's room done except for putting some pictures up on the wall. (Thanks Cindy I for painting! Even when I ditched her to take care of immigration stuff!)

July 25, 2008



I get an email stating there are some travel changes (?) and then get a phone call from Julie..There is a problem with our Embassy Appt ! With so many people getting pushed through courts, the embassy is over-scheduled and we might not get an appointment until the following Monday! (they only do the appts. on mondays) The director is trying to get us through..but we may not. So..our options is to change our flights (which is really hard to do and expensive at this late notice) or to go ahead and go and have more time in Ethiopia and while in country, extend our stay and get a later flight (easier to do..and the agency will help us to do that) So the short of is, come this Monday, I will find out whether we are in Ethiopia 5 days or 1 week and 5 days...

Also...remember how we had to get approval for our age extension from immigration? Well they approved us but never cabled it to the National Visa Center who in turn could never cable it to the Embassy in Ethiopia. So they only have approval for us to adopt a 3yr old in Ethiopia. So today I called the National Visa Center, emailed USCIS, and called and faxed Congressman Goodlatte who is doing a congressional inquiry to get this done.

And I just stated yesterday that this adoption has gone smoothly! Spoke too soon!!!

Please pray that we get our Embassy Appt for the 4th, and that we get our Immigration extension cabled quickly.

On a good note..Abenezer's room is now painted except for the trim.....Plan to finish that tomorrow! It will keep my mind off of things!!

Getting Ready!

It is a crazy house around here! We are getting ready and there are a million things to do. Plus Bekah leaves for her mission trip on Sunday, so we are also getting ready for that. I won't even see her when she is back before I go!

We did get our plane tickets..We leave Aug 2 at 8:30 pm and will return Aug 8 at 3:25 am...You guys be praying for me on that trip....You know, airplanes and I aren't best friends!

I am hoping to get our travel packet in the mail today. They emailed me a version because ours is lost in transit somewhere. Apparently, I have more forms to fill out for our government and there are lists of things to do or not to do while in Ethiopia.

Greg wrote our 'Dear birthmother letter' last night. It's kind of hard to put all your feelings for them all on paper. But he did a great job! so great that I didn't change a thing!

I am going to try to keep everyone updated through this blog, because it is crazy here and will be for some time. Plus, I can email an update from Ethiopia (the internet will be too slow to email pics though..sorry!)

Love you guys..and I so appreciate everyone's support. Greg said last night, "Isn't it nice to have people excited for us?" AMEN!
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