July 25, 2008



I get an email stating there are some travel changes (?) and then get a phone call from Julie..There is a problem with our Embassy Appt ! With so many people getting pushed through courts, the embassy is over-scheduled and we might not get an appointment until the following Monday! (they only do the appts. on mondays) The director is trying to get us through..but we may not. So..our options is to change our flights (which is really hard to do and expensive at this late notice) or to go ahead and go and have more time in Ethiopia and while in country, extend our stay and get a later flight (easier to do..and the agency will help us to do that) So the short of is, come this Monday, I will find out whether we are in Ethiopia 5 days or 1 week and 5 days...

Also...remember how we had to get approval for our age extension from immigration? Well they approved us but never cabled it to the National Visa Center who in turn could never cable it to the Embassy in Ethiopia. So they only have approval for us to adopt a 3yr old in Ethiopia. So today I called the National Visa Center, emailed USCIS, and called and faxed Congressman Goodlatte who is doing a congressional inquiry to get this done.

And I just stated yesterday that this adoption has gone smoothly! Spoke too soon!!!

Please pray that we get our Embassy Appt for the 4th, and that we get our Immigration extension cabled quickly.

On a good note..Abenezer's room is now painted except for the trim.....Plan to finish that tomorrow! It will keep my mind off of things!!


  1. Oh, my! I'll be praying! Major stress!

  2. Wow! sounds like lots to do before travel. I think that AGCI is changing the way they do the travel call/packet. Now I think right after referral they will send out the travel packet and talk with us about it, so when the time comes to leave we don't feel so crazy!!!!!
    I am so happy for you guys!! Such a good thing that you made it through court!!!
    I am the "Michelle" that emailed you about taking pictures of our baby! Thank you for being willing to do that for us. We did not make court so we will be having a long wait! The pictures will be a nice treat!!

  3. HI,
    We are also adopting from Ethiopia and AGCI is our agency....look forward to following your journey!!!

  4. Oh, Chrissy. I am praying & believing that our Father will "smooth out the rough places" and "make your path straight." Love, Gail


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