July 31, 2008

The Final Flight

Everything is now set..

We will leave August 8 at 5:30 from Dulles and arrive in Addis Aug 9 at 7:20 am

We will leave Addis for home Aug 14 at 10:45 pm and arrive back in Dulles Aug 15 3:40 pm..

We will have a 7 hour layover on the way home in Amsterdam (won't that be fun!)

According to Almaz, the orphanage director, we won't need a visa for A. The will have everything set in case that we do and they will expedite it...but she says that she is sure that we won't. Pray all that is right! She in the meantime is contacting the embassy to make sure...

1 comment:

  1. WOW!!!! It is really going to happen-is that crazy?! AFter all these months of praying, hoping, worrying-you will have your little one-isn't that so crazy to comprehend?! God is so good-thank goodness His imagination is bigger than ours, eh?


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