July 25, 2008

Getting Ready!

It is a crazy house around here! We are getting ready and there are a million things to do. Plus Bekah leaves for her mission trip on Sunday, so we are also getting ready for that. I won't even see her when she is back before I go!

We did get our plane tickets..We leave Aug 2 at 8:30 pm and will return Aug 8 at 3:25 am...You guys be praying for me on that trip....You know, airplanes and I aren't best friends!

I am hoping to get our travel packet in the mail today. They emailed me a version because ours is lost in transit somewhere. Apparently, I have more forms to fill out for our government and there are lists of things to do or not to do while in Ethiopia.

Greg wrote our 'Dear birthmother letter' last night. It's kind of hard to put all your feelings for them all on paper. But he did a great job! so great that I didn't change a thing!

I am going to try to keep everyone updated through this blog, because it is crazy here and will be for some time. Plus, I can email an update from Ethiopia (the internet will be too slow to email pics though..sorry!)

Love you guys..and I so appreciate everyone's support. Greg said last night, "Isn't it nice to have people excited for us?" AMEN!


  1. Praying for you and soo excited:)
    Love you bunches!!!!
    thanks for the Blog!!!
    Now go get some REST ~

  2. I know Bekah WILL have a blast being your secretary! She is great with e-mail,HA HA!!! I was very touched about the letter you had to right to the mother,(had to be hard)Love you all, this is "CHRISTMAS EXCITING"!!!!

  3. We are praying, praying and praying for you guys!!!! Just keep the window shade closed on the airplane and you'll be fine :o) xxo Kirsten, Hadley, Grayson and Hadleigh

  4. What an incredible journey God has brought the Knight family on! Woohoo...a brother for Josh!! We will continue to pray for you :) Much, much love and prayers are being sent your way!

    Love ya bunches,

    the Kcrew6

  5. I am also a other in waiting I saw your blog address on the listserve. We are waiting for Guatemala to open back up.



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