July 29, 2008

Immigration Approval Cleared

I heard from Julie just now and our age extension was sent to the Embassy in Ethiopia...so we are cleared there! whew!

Flight status....Everything is full for next Saturday...Candy at the travel agency is trying to get the families in (there are now 5 families traveling). She said she will try some non-traditional routes (hot air balloons?) and will let us know this afternoon.

Casey and I may be traveling this weekend still and just coming home later. Hopefully we will know for sure this afternoon!

Continue to Pray!

I got an update on our son today...It said that he is a big eater and is free-spirited! Translate that to higher grocery bills and a hand full! He loves soccer and basketball and classical music! I can't wait to meet this little guy!


  1. I would like to know if you go there by hot air balloon-we may need to change our travel plans to escorting :)-I have limits, ya know!! That is just so exciting for you all-I will pray for God to do a mighty work to get you all there and with your sweeties ASAP!!

  2. REMEMBER: "That's OK"
    God has a plan, we just need to watch it play out:)


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