August 23, 2008

A Different View

Seeing the world through Abenezer's eyes:

  • Riding a tricycle at grandma and grandaddy's house, when they gave it to him to take home, he shouted 'yes, yes' and during the ride, blew kisses to it in the car

  • At our shopping trip in Kroger's, he was amazed at the produce department and cheered when I put grapes and corn on the cob in the cart.

  • Cheering when we Greg put hot dog buns in the cart.

  • Thinking that the highlight of the day was the ride in the beat up old truck

  • Shouting "America America' when he saw the flag during the Olympics and being upset when the women lost the volleyball game to Brazil

  • Thinking bathtub is a big enough pool to try to swim

  • Any song is a reason to dance

  • Everything is a reason to smile

1 comment:

  1. Precious !!!
    I read this to Tyler tonight. He likes 'following' the blog as well as I do. :) It's a good reminder of how we sometimes take such things for granted. love, Bren


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