August 31, 2008

English Lessons & spiderman

Abenezer is doing pretty well in english. He is picking up a lot. We got in the car today and he said 'where we going?'

We've discovered that he thinking 'little bite' means a little bit. I've told him little bites so many times while he is eating that he thinks it means little bit (or possible small)...Joshua was pushing him on the swing and he was yelling 'little bites Joshua" and he wanted us to roll the window down "a little bite."

He loves spiderman and had colored a page (always only one color per page) of spiderman and had us tape it to his shirt to have a spiderman t-shirt. Penneys was having a sale today so we went and got him (you guessed it) a spiderman t-shirt. He was very excited and he also got a big kick out of light up shoes and spiderman slippers. It's really neat to look at everything through his eyes.

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