August 17, 2008

First Swim

When Abenezer saw the pool, he started shouting 'wanna wanna' which we believe means swim..he makes breaststroke movement when he does it...well he went straight to the water and fell over and floated face, we quickly found out that he doesn't know how to swim...another Knight for Teresa to teach! He LOVES the water...he giggled the whole time...he just hasn't learned yet that face down with your mouth open isn't a good thing...


  1. YEA!! I can't wait to teach another Knight how to swim!!!!!
    At least he looks like a willing participant!
    All looks like God is Blessing abundantly~ How exciting!!
    See you very soon!

  2. I'm laughing, I'm crying, I'm a wreck!! But in a GOOD way,SOOOooo exciting! Everyone has a box of tissues beside their computer now!! What a BLESSING, thank you all for sharing this with us ,LOVE, Dana L.

  3. This is great!! How fun to see his first swim!!! Look like you guys are really enjoying this time!!


  4. The videos are GREAT !!
    Thanks for sharing all of this journey with us.....
    What a sweetie !
    see you soon ! love Bren


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