August 11, 2008

It's Official!

Mom sent this email around 12 EST so about 7pm there...Just before they went to dinner..

We went to the Embassy today and got everything taken care of. So it's all official!!! We have Abenezer's birth certificate and we will have his passport Weds. The workers were pretty interesting.

We all yelled and celebrated when it was done...We've declared we are the noisiest bunch everywhere...2 3mos olds...6 yr twins, Abenezer, and a 7 and 8 yr old.

Afterwards Bob (the mission guy from the one church) treated us all to gelato for a celebration.

Our birth parent meeting is tomorrow..will let you know how that goes...we will also have our cultural dinner tomorrow.


  1. Hi, Chrissy, Greg and kids-
    We just returned from being gone for several days and were so excited to read the news of God's hand on you and your new son in Ethiopia!! He is pouring out his favor and love on you and we are so thankful!!
    We are praying like crazy and can't wait to lay our eyes on your sweet boy!!
    With love,
    Renee (for all the Martins)

  2. WOW, Well, Congratulations Knight Family!
    Will be praying for you tomorrow!!!!
    looking forward to seeing you when you return, and I I will also be praying for the flight home! Remember~ "It's OK!"
    God is in control!

  3. I'm so excited for you all !
    ( and thanks for doing this blog so we can keep up with all the news ! ) :)
    God is truly leading the way and will continue to...
    We are praying .
    Love and hugs !


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