August 10, 2008

Mom sent this e-mail update earlier..

Almaz, the orphanage director, came by at 11 a.m. Sunday and we went over paperwork. We then went to Hannah’s Hope and met the kids. Abenezer came running up and gave me huge hug and then took me to get shoes for him. He followed me everywhere for a while and then went to play with the kids and the car I brought. The mustang was a big hit with all the boys but then they got frustrated with the other car that wouldn't move on it’s own the way it would.

We played for a while and toured the home...

We then came back to the hotel at about 3 and had lunch. All the kids tried the salt (some licked the bottle) and the pepper...we then got them coke to drink...their faces were priceless...they were so excited and took big drinks and it burned their throat...and they made awful faces..and they kept doing it! We were all laughing.

then some of the food came..bit by bit...and the kids were sharing out of our plates with everyone ....feeding us all by the same was communal dining big time...

Abenezer is doing well, working on a candy stick. If I’m not with him, he keeps looking to see where I am at....He’s got some major curly hair...

He will go with me to meet his mom because Almaz thinks it is a good idea. Almaz said that he is very affectionate and smart...He took Casey and my camera and took a picture of everything and everyone in the orphanage...and had figured out how to work it.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers...It couldn't have gone any better...Each of the families had a great first's amazing...The oldest boy is translating some for us for Abenezer which is good.

By the way, we were saying his name correctly. Almaz pronounced it like the other lady at the Ethiopian restaurant (short vowels) but all the kids are saying it the way we were.

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  1. Oh, Chrissy... I can "hear" and feel how precious he is through your e-mail. Congratulations Knight family!!!! Thank you so much Rebekah for keeping us up to date.


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