August 6, 2008

My List for Me

What am I taking for us?
  • 4 large bags of candy to hand out to the local children. One mother said that the kids always come and ask for candy and she wished she had taken some...glad that I read that! I'll give them the toothbrush and toothpaste afterwards! HeeHee
  • A flashlight--the power is iffy sometimes...
  • pillowcases..there aren't any at The Union..just shams...also read from last traveler's blog
  • handtowel --ditto
  • some snacky comfort food
  • my coffee maker (just kidding!) Everyone has said the coffee at the Union is awesome!
  • journal--so that I can remember everything
  • My Exploring Creation through Land Animals textbook ---I've got to get my lessons planned for co-op! Since I will be held captive on an airplane for 17 hours...why not?
  • A Big Word Book--hoping we can do lots of pointing to figure out things like..Do you need to go to the bathroom ? and pull-ups..just in case... (recommended from a traveler who was saved from 3 wet laps from her 4 yr old!)
  • A letter for A's birthmother and a photobook of pictures of him and us
  • all our government immigration paperwork (yes,more!)
  • Lots and Lots of airplane toys! How many can I possible need? Lots! puzzles,lift the flap books, crayons, animals, cars, playdough (if it will make it through security?), magnet books, sticker books
  • My mp3 player for the trip there...guess I won't be able to use it much on the way back :) Unless someone sleeps for a good while (please please)
  • Stick Candy for A...seemed to really like it in the picture! That should be good for a little bit on the plane!
  • mini dvd player...7 hour layover in Amsterdam!
  • snacks for A
  • a cup with a lid and straw...on the flight to zambia we watched a little boy spill his several times with the tiny cups they give you...we had an aha moment
  • medicine for almost every type of ailment you can imagine

And anything else we can possibly stuff in a bag and be under 50lbs!

1 comment:

  1. Chrissy, You are so organized!!! Sounds like you thought of everything! I still say you should write a book when all this is done, what a help your hints and experiences would be to future adoptors! We will have Greg and the kids over while you are gone - I am sure they will all miss you. Have fun - love to Casey - so glad she was able to go with you and help out! Love ya, Cindy


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