August 23, 2008

On The Way Home

Dinner at the airport in Addis...Let's just say Dramamine works quickly :)

Checking out the plane!Finally..He slept this whole trip after we got going...There was a guy directly behind us that threw up ALOT! Ugh...Casey and I were leaning forward breathing through our shirts...

Waiting in Amsterdam....stickers came in handy..

Finally! After waiting in line a long time in the 'non-us citizen' line, and then being told I didn't have to (after I had been told to go to that line), was sent to get my luggage and to another guy who then sent me to another waiting area to get our green card and then was told I couldn't take my luggage in, dropped off luggage, waited in room, called up, sent to get luggage and have it go through agriculture...and then FINALLY we were done!

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