August 5, 2008

Packing Packing Packing

We are busy trying to pack and anticipate everything that we will need while in Addis. I have a 50lb duffel bag full of clothes for the orphanage that was donated by some very generous people. I also have a large rubbermaid tote that is also being filled up (thanks to the thoughtful gals at Dr. Dwyer's office!) Hannah's Hope really relies on donations from the states because things are so much cheaper here and alot better quality.

I have been reading some other blogs of families who have recently traveled. I am attempting to learn from their experiences and prepare myself for what may or may not happen.

Pray that I will have wisdom and compassion in every situation that I encounter while there. I also ask for your prayers when we meet A's birthmother, that God will give me the words to say.

Thanks friends!


  1. Did you ever find out if you need a transit visa for Amsterdam? I am traveling one week after you, and this is one thing that I haven't had answered for me yet.

  2. Chrissy, You are so organized!!! Sounds like you thought of everything! I still say you should write a book when all this is done, what a help your hints and experiences would be to future adoptors! We will have Greg and the kids over while you are gone - I am sure they will all miss you. Have fun - love to Casey - so glad she was able to go with you and help out! Love ya, Cindy


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