August 16, 2008

Recap on Last Day

I didn't get a chance to share about our last day there. We meet at 10:00 and went to another orphanage, a privately run orphanage. They don't have alot of funding, HH sends their extra donations over there to help. Almaz had warned us that it would be sad. We pulled up and it was very very sad. We went into the baby room..there were several babies in the cribs and they looked so pitiful. Bottles were propped up into their mouths and some couldn't reach them anymore. One baby had deformed hands and feet. It totally overwhelmed me. I just stood there and looked around and cried. It just doesn't seem right. Bob (the missions guy) stood there with me and I just bawled. The people running the orphanage love the children, but without funds they need, they can't supply everything they need or have the workers they need. It's very frustrating.

We went out and played and talked with the older kids. One little girl (about 3 maybe?) , I gave smarties to and I helped her open them up. I was going to hold them for her while she ate them so she wouldn't drop them but she immediately stuffed them all to her mouth. This little one had crusty sores all over her head. I held her for a little and she just melted into my arms.

After that we went back to HH and the kids told all of their friends good-bye. I wasn't expecting it at that point and it was very emotional for all of them. the kids truly become like a little family. They cried (especially the older ones) and the kids still at HH cried and all of us adults were crying. The scene reminded me of when it talks about wailing in the Old Testament. Abenezer and I went and hung out in the hotel room for a little bit...He just laid down on top of me. He was worn out emotionally, as was I.

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  1. So I just saw your blog address on AGCI yahoo group. How old is your son? We are adopting a almost 4 year old and I'm curious how your meeting with your son went, I'm quite nervous!! You can email me privately and I can tell you his name, maybe you saw him!!


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