August 21, 2008

A walk through the journey-Fourth Day

Wednesday was the day that the kids all got to go back to Hannah's Hope and play with their friends while we went shopping. They were excited to play with their friends and it was nice to have a little break. We went to the markets and a coffee shop and a little italian place to eat that was also an art studio. They had some beautiful pictures. On a funny note, one of the people ordered sausage pizza. It came out and had something similar to vienna sausage on it. Looked exactly like it.

We enjoyed the shopping. I got a plate and trinket box with Ethiopia's Millenium on it (it's their 2000 millenium there..they go by a different calendar) to commemorate the year we adopted him. I will give it to him at some point to mark a special event. We also got some ethiopian wear for him and Rachel and some necklaces for Bekah and a goat skin for Joshua. We also bought some ethiopian music cd's. We then went to the coffee shop and got some 'real' coffee. It was really cheap. $2.20 a bag and it tastes great! Our clothes all smelled like coffee from it being packed in our suitcase

The Orthodox church had just let out services...there was a sea of people in white robes as far as you could see. We were woke up each morning (very early in the morning) by their call to worship as well as the muslim call to worship.

This gentleman was very nice. He took time to explain us about all of the churches. He was very helpful. He gave Casey his business card :) She was the expert shopper.

These young boys were tending to all of the goats.

A whole lot was dedicated to the millenium celebration.

Time to get some bargains!

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