August 23, 2008

A walk through the journey-Last Day

This is the last day in Ethiopia. We met at Hannah's Hope at 10 to load up the van with donations for the other orphanage. I already posted about this experience (see recap last day) We then hung out at the hotel and got ready to go.

We left around 6 p.m. to go to the airport (flight was at 10:45--we left so early because traffic was awful)...We ate dinner at the airport (yucky dinner..I ordered a chicken sandwich and the waitress said "chicken not fresh..order beef" I ordered a cheese sandwich.

We had our flight to Amsterdam and then a 7 hour layover there. We had to eat lunch there and 3 happy meals at McDonalds cost $29!! Ouch!

The kids were fun at the airport..they loved the escalator, the moving sidewalk and the 'lift' (elevator) They also loved Ronald soon as they saw that statue, they all ran up and hugged and kissed him. It was fun to watch. Everything was new to them. Helps you to appreciate things!

Our flight to Dulles was delayed due to having to replace a hydraulic water pump...and then we were off. Remember all of those airplane toys I got? Didn't need them...He was enthralled the whole time with the window and the map screen. We did do a couple of puzzles.

Meeting Dad at the airport

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  1. thanks for making me cry like a big baby chrissy!!!!!

    this was seriously the most emotional thing ever to watch. i cant even begin to imagine.


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