August 19, 2008

A walk through the journey- second day

Good Morning!

After a great night of sleep (he slept like a rock!) We went down and had breakfast. Yummy pancakes (and yes, they do taste like funnel cakes!) We played with our friends...

We went to a local coffee spot for lunch...It wasn't too long of a walk but it was a really hard walk for your heart. There was people everywhere and kids as young as 2 begging me for food. I walked by countless people just sitting on the ground and on the bridge. The spots were clearly their home. When I share this with people here, their immediate response is that they are scamming the tourists and they should get a job...that's our 'western' way of thinking. These people are truly do you get a job when there is none? how do you buy food when it has recently gone up 75%? we just can't understand that type of poverty. This walk literally pierced my heart. I will never forget the look in the mother's eyes as she sat in the corner of the bridge (her home) and held her infant child.

We also had our embassy appointment that day. We were a rowdy a bunch :) I don't have any pics because you couldn't take your camera in. They called us in family by family and we received our court documents and birth certificates..We all cheered when each family came down. We all went and got gelato as a treat (thanks to Bob!) afterwards...the kids really enjoyed it.


  1. Welcome home!! So glad everything went well. Thanks for taking pictures and passing along our info. Can't wait to continue on your journey with you!


  2. Thanks for the pictures and details of your trip - it is very interesting. One thing I have noticed is Abenezer is smiling in every picture. He looks like he really loves his new mommie. Looking forward to seeing him in the near future with the whole family. He looks like a great little boy!


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