August 6, 2008

What Am I Packing?

In effort to help those who travel after me and for those of you who are curious--below is a list of what I am taking. I have tried to glean info from those who have already gone and other websites...
Hint: One of the things requested are outside play toys like blow up balls and chalk...keep an eye out on those end of summer clearance racks!

Donations for Hannah's Hope
  • a duffel filled with clothes (50 pounds worth!) for the children in the orphanage...mostly newborn to 6 mos--that's the size that was most needed at this point

  • several scrub clothing (that's what the special mothers wear)

  • sidewalk chalk, frisbees, bubbles, beach balls, a stuffed bunny, and a baby

  • packs of newborn diapers, desitin, and wipes

  • shampoos, lotions, and baby wash

  • toothpaste and toothbrushes (thanks Dr. Dwyer!)

  • towels

  • hand sanitizer

Thank you to the friends that helped to fill the duffel and the tub. The children and the workers will appreciate it!

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