August 20, 2008

What in the World?

It has been funny to watch Abenezer's reaction to things. Here is a list of things that he is getting used to:

1) Driving...He is used to that crazy Ethiopia traffic. He thinks we are boring. He tells Greg, "Dad, mmvvvvmm (using his hand to be a car and go fast)" He cheers when we pass cars and says "Oh no dad" when they pass us. We are going to let him ride with Rodney M. That should satisfy him.

2) The toilet seat. --putting the tp in the toilet and not in the trash and which seat to sit on. There is some confusion there.

3) The exhaust fan in the bathroom. He comes running out with his hands on his ears when he accidentally turns it on.

4)The dog---I have told him 'It's okay' so many times that he thinks that what you say to make Clyde behave. When Clyde comes to him he says 'It's okay!'

5) The booster seat for the car...He just didn't get booster seats...he does like the horn though.

6) The window button and the door handle...let's just say we use window lock and the child lock on the door now.

7) After learning Clyde is a dog, we had hot dogs that night..he asked what they were and we told him... he looked at the dog... ????

I am sure there will be many more things to get used to.

1 comment:

  1. So Sweet!

    I remember when our Hungarian daughter came home...dogs were foreign to her too. Eventially our chocolate lab became her best friend...she loved the dog much more than any toy we would give her. It took a bit though...God is good.

    God is in the details.
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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