September 26, 2008

Another phone call and more talk of Jesus

We received another phone call from our other friends in our travel group today. How I wish I lived closer to them! Ab enjoyed talking to their children and we plan to keep in touch. Plus it was nice to share in some of the things we are going through as families.

Ab asked me today what Rachel's spot on her chin was...I told him it was a freckle...He told me (I say tell...but most of it is one word with motions) that Jesus (pointing to Heaven) came down and kissed us there (kiss motion and point to freckle) He showed me the spots (freckles) where Jesus kissed me :)

I've received LOTS of hugs and kisses today...and I've been told I'm loved more times than I can count!

We were watching old reruns of The Cosby Show today and I told him they were Americans...His response was "what??" He currently thinks all people of color are Ethiopians. He was shocked to learn not all Americans are white!

This boy keeps us on our toes! And a big thank you to the Katzenbach family! We feel loved!

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