September 23, 2008

First Post Adoption Visit

We had our first post adoption visit by the social worker today. She was a very nice gal that was very easy to talk to. We will have another one at 3 mos, 6 mos, and 12 mos. At 6 mos we will be able to officially re-adopt Ab in the US which means he will have us citizenship and not just a permanent legal resident. (He currently has a green card)

One thing that was interesting was Ab was very nervous with her here. He literally clung to me on my lap while she was here and he kept hugging me and kissing me and telling me he loved me. He also began the sweating thing. I just wonder what in the world he was thinking. The language barrier is really tough sometimes.

He got mad again today when he came out from bed and the other kids were sitting beside me. He told us he was going back to sleep. We told him to come on out and sit beside the others and I kept rubbing his head so at least I was touching him. He then told me (by pointing to each body part) that his calves, thighs, arms, and head hurt alot (big hands out.) He thought by telling me that I would make the others move so that he could sit beside me.

They eventually did move and he got his cuddle time.

He also got upset when I said I was going to sleep in my own bed last night. His face immediately fell and he looked upset. He does not like to be by himself at all. (Bekah ended sleeping with him last night) He constantly wants someone with ALL times. At times this can be very draining on all of us. BUT looking at it from his matter how things seem to be okay...he is going to be wondering and insecure. Looking at it from his life....he had a mom and dad who loved him very much and were very affectionate with him. Then he is taken to an orphanage and left. Then this lady comes in 3 months later and takes you to a strange place where no one speaks your language and everyone looks different than you....He would have to be wondering what else can happen in his life. He would have to wonder if it was something he did ...or if he isn't good enough can we also give him up.... Those would all be natural questions and reactions.......Does he know we love him? Yes, I think so......but he also knows he parents loved them and in his eyes he was still 'left'......that would make anyone insecure. Breaks my heart.....

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  1. Chrissy,

    What wisdom and insite God has given you into Ab's world! He is blessed to have you and Greg as parents. Hang in there knowing that ya'll are being lifted up to our Father, who is greater, Bigger, and He and His plan are more WONDERFUL than we can imagine. Love, Gail


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