September 8, 2008

Lunch at The Blue Nile

We went Saturday to The Blue Nile for lunch. We went in and sat down and Abenezer stopped an listened and said "Mom, Ethiopia!" There was ethiopian music in the background playing. He danced a little. We ordered our food with help from the waitress (who is the owner's daughter--a beautiful gal) and while we waited one of the owner's (the husband) came and sat with us and talked to Abenezer (yes, in Amharic!) He pulled Abenezer close and was very compassionate and loving to him. He shared with us a little more about Ethiopia which was enlightening.

After we were done eating, his wife came in and greeted us (she had been working.) She remembered Abenezer's name and told me she had been praying for us. She also talked to him and loved on him and the big kids. She said that he was happy. She even helped him to the bathroom to wash his hands! I am amazed at this family and God's faithfulness to them...I look forward to getting to know them more...I only wish they lived closer!
Before we had left, a gentleman came in and was purchasing injera..they introduced us to him and his wife is ethiopian...he took our number and plans to call us to meet with his family.

About the food...Bekah tried almost all of it and liked it....Josh and Rachel tried it...but let's just say it was a good thing they had a hotdog at the Kid's Day fair! Greg and I both liked it. Dad struggles with the community plate thing (smile) and for some reason Abenezer kept telling him he wasn't folding his injera right (he'd say "Dad, this") But Mom got it right ! Dad stands by his claim that he was doing it exactly like mom!

And of course Abenezer was happy to have his comfort food! He even asked for the camera to take a pic of the plate before we left!

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  1. Too cute! I'm jealous...we don't have any Ethiopian food around here. I did have some frozen that had friend had bought at a restraunt in Atlanta, but she won't eat it! Reheated, frozen injera probably isn't too tasty!


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