September 11, 2008

Two Moms and Two Dads and Storytelling

Each night when we put Abenezer to bed , he loves for us to sit down and he will flip through his photobook and tell us stories. He can't really tell us them due to the language barrier so it is more like a big game of charades with Greg and I guessing and doing some acting out on our own. We've learned that a car ran into his house and his dad fixed it, his friend was running and something hit his eye (that's why his eye is messed up in the photo), that they decorations in his house were for Christmas, that he spilled something on his clothes and lots of other details....I am so thankful his parents gave us that book! He also has showed us how his mom would walk but that his dad walked good.

While giving him a bath the other night, he told us that he has 2 moms and 2 dads. 2 in Ethiopia and 2 here (pointing to us) It's the first time that he has verbalized that to us. We told him yes, that he was very special and had 2 moms and 2 dads that love him very much. While part of me was glad that he is realizing who we will be in his life, the other part of me aches for his loss and his parent's loss.

On a funny note...He is insistent that he has been to Mexico and that it is right below Ethiopia...not sure where in the world that is coming from!

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  1. What a precious gift you are giving him by keeping those memories and that part of his identity alive. What a precious gift you have been given. Thanks for sharing all those sweet moments.


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