September 24, 2008

Who Loves Me?

The other night Abenezer was walking around the house saying:

Mom loves Abenezer

Dad loves Abenezer

Bekah loves Abenezer

Josh loves Abenezer

Rachel loves Abenzer

and then he would turn it around and say "Abenezer loves mom " and so on down the line! Can you tell we've told him that...alot!

I wrote our first letter to his family this week and have it in the mail with pictures ready to do you sum up gratitude and blessing in a short letter that you are hoping they can get read or translated? It is so hard to pour out feelings and give them an update on their son.

But Abenezer was excited to know that we were sending them pictures..the best way I could get him to understand was to tell him the envelope was going to go on the plane to Ethiopia to his parents. He yelled "yes! thank you mom!"

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I love reading about
    Ab and how he is progressing.....
    we continue to pray for all of you.. :)


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