September 30, 2008

You know you are a homeschool family when:

While at the beach everyone keeps asking the kids why they aren't in school......

When you answer 'we homeschool' one lady tells you that "some like it but most don't because their mom's get too mean..."

You decide to have an 'ly' word lesson from IEW writing lesson while watch the waves crash against the shore..... Our sentence was .......The waves___________ crashed against the shore.

Most interesting word given for that sentence........ gnarlingly (is that even a word!?

You make sure your kids can tell the difference between a female and male shark at the aquarium.

The best find of the week (for mom anyways) was a half alive sea urchin. Rachel wants to keep it as a pet...

1 comment:

  1. We miss you, Knights!
    Looks like you are having a great family glad!
    Love you,


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