October 30, 2008

Things That Make Me Laugh!

Things that make me laugh:

We found out that Ab has been to Mexico! (remember he kept saying he had been to mexico and we kept telling him no you haven't!) Well, I was looking up Addis on google earth and there is an area in Addis called Mexico! I about fell off my seat!

This past weekend Ab has been obsessed with catching a bird and wanting to eat it. He thinks we can go and just catch one out of the air...He tells Dad to jump up and catch it. He has now changed to just catching one and keeping it. I showed him chicken in the freezer and that was how we got birds to eat in our home!

He is calling all of us 'honey' if we say something he doesn't hear or understands, he says 'what, honey?'

He believes everything he sees on TV...There is a commercial that shows sunglasses going over glasses and how much better you can see. He told us that he needs them because he can't see like that!

He likes to put 'pooh' at the end of everyone's name...Rachiepoo, Joshiepoo, Bekahpoo. My big kids are not amused.

He wanted to pick my mole off my arm. I felt something hurt and I looked down and he had grabbed it and was pulling! I said 'no Ab' and he told me 'it's okay..I got it' It took me a good while to convince him that he did not need to pull it off!

He tried to use a glue stick as chapstick!

When the Penney's lady asked if he was shy, he said "shower, no" He thought she was asking him to take a shower.

When he is hot and sweaty (which is most of the time), He opens the freezer door and sticks his head in.

He tells me 'thank you' when I give him a bath or shower. None of the other kids ever said thank you for a bath! smile

He thought our candy corn was teeth.

Laughter makes those long days seem shorter!

October 27, 2008

Terrify No More

I told you 'more on this later '!

Last year I read a book called Terrify No More that literally changed my thinking about our world. I knew alot of things took place..such as bonded slavery, forced prostitution (both of children and adults) but I never knew how much it happened. I was floored. The book was written by Gary Haugen with the International Justice Mission, a christian human rights group. This group is made of lawyers, detective, social workers, and etc. They go in to places undercover and gather info on perpetrators and then using the law of the country they are in and their forces, they rescue the victims and bring the perpetrators to justice. When you read this book, you are so inspired and in awe of God and what He can accomplish with dedicated people.

My Senior High Sunday School class has been going through The Justice Mission which is a dvd of 4 teens going to Asia and seeing firsthand what life is like there. They see the slaves, the prostitutes and hear their stories. We were convicted, inspired, and challenged. Admittedly we even felt a little helpless....BUT we want to make a difference.

We are going to do a walk-a-thon November 8 to raise money for IJM. It costs about $500 to legally free a bonded slave (they receive an emancipation proclamation) and $1000 to legally free a woman in forced prostitution. They also provide aftercare to help them in reclaiming their lives. $500 is our goal. We want to love our neighbor and seek justice as God has called us to do in His Word! He calls us to seek justice!

If you would like to be part of this by walking with us (if you live near us) or donating-- just email me at gcknight@verizon.net . I will keep you updated to our results!

If you want more info on IJM...go to http://www.ijm.org/

Here is a video that shows more about them and their fight against sex trafficking...

Here is a another video with Gary Haugen talking about their work in fighting slavery...I just bought the book he is talking about and am anxious to read it!

October 26, 2008

Virginia Holocaust Museum

Those of you who know me well, know that I love Jewish history. I love to read on it and I love the Old Testament. Unfortunately part of their history is the Holocaust. The big kids and I went with another family last week to tour The Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond. I have been studying for some time now on slavery, oppression, genocide, and things that pertain to that. My senior high Sunday school class has been studying God's heart for the oppressed through The Justice Mission. (more on that in a day or two!)

As I walked in, this was the first thing you see:

Very appropriate..I had to take a picture!

This is a very well done museum. In the beginning you watch a tape of the survivors in Richmond sharing their stories. Then you go through the museum. You see everything in 'real life' You stand in one of the train cars and imagine the journey with the amount of people. You see what people went through with medical experiments, you went down a tunnel and into an underground chamber and saw the space and people who were in hiding, you went inside a gas chamber, and saw the crematory. You saw the camp for displaced persons....You saw the pictures children drew in the camps and read their poems. It was very eye-opening. After seeing alot of pictures and wondering how people can be so thin yet still alive, Joshua told us that it made his stomach feel very weird. And that was a good way to state it....

Lisa teaching the kids...

There was a whole section dedicated to the children. Pictures and poems they wrote were on the wall along with their pictures. This was the most heartbreaking for me.

A picture one girl drew ...it shows a mean woman and it says 'no Jews allowed'

The door to the gas chamber...
Inside the gas chamber...

Looking at all of the things that were taken from the bodies after they were dead...hair, teeth, glasses, etc. We are in the crematory room at this point.
This is a remembrance for the people of Richmond. All of the pictures on here were the relatives of people in Richmond who died in the Holocaust. It was very sad to see all of the pictures of people with such hope and life in their eyes and to know how they died.

On a positive note, it was inspiring to see the wall of people who DID take a stand and fight back against oppression and do what they could to stop it or to help free people. We saw their pictures and read their stories. I hope and pray given the same choices here and now that I would choose to take a stand for what I know is right and just.

October 24, 2008

Fairy Dust Spotted!

Rachel and Ab went outside and found fairy dust in the fairy houses! It was all over the place! Rachel checked it out with a magnifying glass and said it looked just like glitter! She and Ab went out at night with a flashlight to see if they could catch a fairy in it...but no luck. Pictures are below..it's hard to see fairy dust in a picture but I assure you.....it is there!

October 23, 2008

Riding in the Combine

On Tuesday we were received the privilege of going to a friend's house on let the children ride in the combine...Everyone thought that it was way cool, even the big girls! Ab saw all the corn and told us he ate it in Ethiopia and it was 'very good, actually' (still his new favorite word) In Ethiopia there are people squatting over coals roasting whole ears of corn to sell all over the place.

We had pumpkin pie, cookies, and tea to go with it! What a way to welcome in fall!

Bekah and her friend Savannah's turn...

Ab in his 'classic' pose...This is the pose that was in all of our referral pics!

Rachel and her friend Maggie...Rock On and Peace!

There they go!

Joshua and his friend Tucker...

The whole crew....

October 21, 2008

Dancing Ab

I"ve shared how Ab loves to dance...this is a video (we were taping it in secret..he had no idea) of him dancing to a Toby Mac song that was on the Gospel Music Channel. He cracked us up trying to do all of the 'hip hop' dancing....

October 17, 2008

Fairy Houses & Fits

Rachel and Ab worked on building fairy houses yesterday....They had a good time and are waiting to see if they can tell whether a fairy visited their house during the night.....

UPDATE: Rachel thinks one did because there is a stick that wasn't there yesterday.....hmmm.

Ab threw his first fit for big sis Bekah today at co-op...he went to use the bathroom (while I was going to teach) and he went in and needed help washing his hands ('germs!' he yells) and couldn't understand why Bekah wouldn't go in the boy's bathroom to help him...she told him to come with her and he proceeded to throw a major one until mom popped her head out the door...then he said to me "oh sorry".... little stinker.... we explained why Bekah doesn't go in the boy bathroom!

His english is doing amazingly well and his favorite word this week is....... actually.....

His new thing with me is rubbing my arm or my leg and saying 'my love my love'

He also wants to grow his hair like mine...that is going to be a problem :)

October 15, 2008

Apple Picking Fun & Conversations

We went apple picking today at Carter Mountain....We got 23 pounds worth of apples and apple cider and some apple cider donuts ...yum yum. It was a great trip and we had fun. It was a gorgeous day and the drive and view was beautiful. Ab enjoyed following all the other children around. He loved the apple. Wasn't too sure if he was supposed to eat the skin or not. It was a nice break in the middle of a homeschool week!

The BEST part of the trip was listening to Rachel and her friend talk in the car on the way home. They enjoyed the sun coming through the clouds which led to a discussion on what God looks like. They discussed how they pray for protection. They sang some songs they made up which had lyrics on asking God to protect them.

In a week that I have felt alot of judgement and just plain yuckyness from God's people, it was sweet music to my ears to hear those precious girls talk. There wasn't any discussions on whose church was right or how their choice of this or that was the right one or the 'spiritual' one. There wasn't any trying to one up each other. It was two children of God sharing what they thought or wondered about Him..

I imagined Him sitting there beside them in the backseat of the car listening with a twinkle in His eye.....

Can it really be that easy? If so....why do we make it so hard?
It makes me wonder what His expression is when He listens to our conversations...

October 13, 2008

Beautiful Sunset....

On the way home from soccer last night, we saw a beautiful sunset. It was huge and had a myriad of colors.

I told the kids to look and Abenezer started shouting beautiful and that Jesus is coming! He kept saying over and over Jesus is coming! He started clapping his hands....the kid was EXCITED! He then asked me if Jesus was coming to Ethiopia too. All the way home he kept looking and saying beautiful! He told Rachel to close her eyes that Jesus was coming and when Josh got home, he told him to go get nice clothes on because Jesus was coming!

I love his excitement over the fact that he thought he may be meeting Jesus very soon! The faith of a child....He taught me a lesson tonight!

October 12, 2008

Bedtime and Fireside Talks

Friday night we had a little campfire and Dad led in a devotion of being thankful for our blessings (spurned on by all the news reports on the economy)....We asked each of the kids what they were thankful for. All the big kids stated what they were thankful for and we got to Ab and explained what we were doing...What is he thankful for? His list was airplane, cars, mom, dad, rachel, bekah, joshua, America, Ethiopia, love......

He likes to talk alot at bedtime...his picture book remind him of stories or details and each night we get a little more of a piece of his life in Ethiopia. We found out tonight that his mother's dad had both feet missing. He said they were crushed by a car and that he would sit with him and they would tell him 'easy'. He also showed us how he would walk ....by holding on to something and hopping.

He also told me he would lay in bed and sleep and his mom and dad would be in bed with him..one on each side...and they would pray for a long time. I am so thankful for gift of their prayers and the heritage that they have already passed on to him at such an early age.

Shots last week and Day at the Lake

Last week Ab received five more shots. It was pretty interesting to see his reaction this time in comparison to last time. The first time he had to go and get them (3 wks after he was home) he flinched and had tears but did not openly cry. When we got to the office this time, he said "Oh No" and that was his word the whole time....He wanted to give Rachel the shots instead and even told me "no ice cream" (that's his treat afterwards) When he finally had to sit in my lap to get them, he resisted, and proceeded to cry, loudly! He also yelled 'Mom' the whole time. I felt bad for him, but I was also glad that he was feeling comfortable enough with me to cry and have a fit. Previously he has always sucked his emotions in and wouldn't let himself cry. I felt the show of emotion was good.

We took off and went to the lake today after sunday school. He saw it and yelled 'ocean!' We ate lunch and had fun checking out all the cool nature things we could find (you guys know I like that stuff!) He is still trying to keep up with Rachel. He copied everything she did down to if she got hot and took her coat off, so did he...she even had a little fun taking it on and off to see what he would do :)

The kids like to be silly and get in a 'salute' line...

We were all working hard to love on Bekah and irritate her.... She is in the 'don't touch me/embarrass me' pre-teen stage of life

Rachel was standing on a rock at the water's edge and said 'something keeps poking in and out of this rock' and here is what it was:

Checking out the fish..notice my hand tightly holding Ab's....he kept saying 'wanna' (which means swim).....Dad didn't want to do any rescues today!

Trying to catch the frogs...we did catch one baby one..

October 9, 2008

A Beautiful Day!

I went outside today and this is what I stumbled upon (I ran back and got the camera before I was noticed) Rachel was in the redbud tree reading Felicity. What a beautiful sight!

that can only be comfy on a tiny rear like hers!

I was noticed!

October 8, 2008

A Walk To Beautiful Program

On PBS there is a show that is called A Walk To Beautiful. It is about the Fistula hospital in Addis and is a very informing show to watch. It breaks the program (a nova program) up into parts so you can watch about 10 minute segments.
Some of the travel groups get to go to this hospital. I watched in case we did so I would have background knowledge. We didn't get to go though I did see the sign for it.
The program gives alot of insight into what these young women face with this problem. The rejection from their families and community is pretty intense. The number of women dealing with the problem is overwhelming. The doctor estimates that there is over 100,000 women in the countryside that are dealing with fistulas.
Website for the program: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/beautiful/

October 6, 2008

Some More of Reality

For several reasons I like to occasionally post about the realities of adoption. One being that I don't want people who are in process to get that fairy tale picture (I was blessed to be around those who had internationally adopted and appreciated their honesty) and so that no one thinks we are 'all that' and have it all together and so that God gets the glory of helping us through the tough things.

Some things that we are currently dealing with...

-- Ab's jealousy of Rachel (my 8yr old) I wasn't prepared for this. I had geared up for the kids to be jealous of him, but not the other way around. He constantly measures himself up to her and checks to see what she is doing or has.

--His need or desire for everything to be exactly fair. From the trinkets you pick up at Goodwill to a handful of snacks. Everything is counted by him. We are trying to teach him that life is not always fair. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less.

--He and Rachel trying to boss each other...all the time....they both want to be in charge!

--Each day he is beginning to act out more and more. alot of questioning of boundaries. I feel like I am saying no all the time! Then trying to figure out what he understands and what he is ignoring!
--I feel guilty or 'bad' when I am disciplining him. He has been through so much. I KNOW that I have to discipline him or otherwise there are consequences. But that doesn't make my heart quit aching.

--He wants to go through everything. He is always opening drawers, closets, mail...whatever he can peek into!

--trying to homeschool 3 other children while he is wanting to be entertained. need I say more?

--He wants to be with me ALL the time. My lap is his favorite place... He kisses and hugs me all day long. Like every 5 minutes or so. I KNOW that this is a GOOD thing...but it still makes my body long to have a little space! If he is not with me, he puts on a major pout! Example of 'The Pout' below: :)

Please don't take this post the wrong way. I love the boy fiercely. It's just there are real adjustments and things to deal with along the way. All the while you are dealing with insecurities, teaching english, and helping them in their grief. Even so, I would start the process again in a heartbeat.

God is teaching us so much about His unconditional love and patience.

How many times have I had that same pouty look toward God??
How many times have I pushed God's boundaries?
How many times have I competed with my brothers and sisters in Christ ?
How many times have I been jealous of people?
How many times am I bossy?
How many times do I want to take a peek at things that God places off-limits?
How many times have I wanted things to be fair?
How often do I just want to be entertained?

And the BIG question: How many times have I wanted to crawl into God's lap today and tell him that I love Him?
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