October 15, 2008

Apple Picking Fun & Conversations

We went apple picking today at Carter Mountain....We got 23 pounds worth of apples and apple cider and some apple cider donuts ...yum yum. It was a great trip and we had fun. It was a gorgeous day and the drive and view was beautiful. Ab enjoyed following all the other children around. He loved the apple. Wasn't too sure if he was supposed to eat the skin or not. It was a nice break in the middle of a homeschool week!

The BEST part of the trip was listening to Rachel and her friend talk in the car on the way home. They enjoyed the sun coming through the clouds which led to a discussion on what God looks like. They discussed how they pray for protection. They sang some songs they made up which had lyrics on asking God to protect them.

In a week that I have felt alot of judgement and just plain yuckyness from God's people, it was sweet music to my ears to hear those precious girls talk. There wasn't any discussions on whose church was right or how their choice of this or that was the right one or the 'spiritual' one. There wasn't any trying to one up each other. It was two children of God sharing what they thought or wondered about Him..

I imagined Him sitting there beside them in the backseat of the car listening with a twinkle in His eye.....

Can it really be that easy? If so....why do we make it so hard?
It makes me wonder what His expression is when He listens to our conversations...

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