October 12, 2008

Bedtime and Fireside Talks

Friday night we had a little campfire and Dad led in a devotion of being thankful for our blessings (spurned on by all the news reports on the economy)....We asked each of the kids what they were thankful for. All the big kids stated what they were thankful for and we got to Ab and explained what we were doing...What is he thankful for? His list was airplane, cars, mom, dad, rachel, bekah, joshua, America, Ethiopia, love......

He likes to talk alot at bedtime...his picture book remind him of stories or details and each night we get a little more of a piece of his life in Ethiopia. We found out tonight that his mother's dad had both feet missing. He said they were crushed by a car and that he would sit with him and they would tell him 'easy'. He also showed us how he would walk ....by holding on to something and hopping.

He also told me he would lay in bed and sleep and his mom and dad would be in bed with him..one on each side...and they would pray for a long time. I am so thankful for gift of their prayers and the heritage that they have already passed on to him at such an early age.

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