October 17, 2008

Fairy Houses & Fits

Rachel and Ab worked on building fairy houses yesterday....They had a good time and are waiting to see if they can tell whether a fairy visited their house during the night.....

UPDATE: Rachel thinks one did because there is a stick that wasn't there yesterday.....hmmm.

Ab threw his first fit for big sis Bekah today at co-op...he went to use the bathroom (while I was going to teach) and he went in and needed help washing his hands ('germs!' he yells) and couldn't understand why Bekah wouldn't go in the boy's bathroom to help him...she told him to come with her and he proceeded to throw a major one until mom popped her head out the door...then he said to me "oh sorry".... little stinker.... we explained why Bekah doesn't go in the boy bathroom!

His english is doing amazingly well and his favorite word this week is....... actually.....

His new thing with me is rubbing my arm or my leg and saying 'my love my love'

He also wants to grow his hair like mine...that is going to be a problem :)


  1. O.K. CHRISSY, I'm up to date!! Gotta keep those ratings high!;) I LOVE the Fairy House Rachel, you have inspired me!! ........Love Dana L.

  2. Precious children. I love reading about your family.

    Thanks for praying for Abby.

  3. Tell Rachel I believe that the Fairy DID come,.
    Love you Chrissy, by the way, Apple Picking was Ab's favorite thing of the week in Sunday School last Sunday:)


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