October 27, 2008

Terrify No More

I told you 'more on this later '!

Last year I read a book called Terrify No More that literally changed my thinking about our world. I knew alot of things took place..such as bonded slavery, forced prostitution (both of children and adults) but I never knew how much it happened. I was floored. The book was written by Gary Haugen with the International Justice Mission, a christian human rights group. This group is made of lawyers, detective, social workers, and etc. They go in to places undercover and gather info on perpetrators and then using the law of the country they are in and their forces, they rescue the victims and bring the perpetrators to justice. When you read this book, you are so inspired and in awe of God and what He can accomplish with dedicated people.

My Senior High Sunday School class has been going through The Justice Mission which is a dvd of 4 teens going to Asia and seeing firsthand what life is like there. They see the slaves, the prostitutes and hear their stories. We were convicted, inspired, and challenged. Admittedly we even felt a little helpless....BUT we want to make a difference.

We are going to do a walk-a-thon November 8 to raise money for IJM. It costs about $500 to legally free a bonded slave (they receive an emancipation proclamation) and $1000 to legally free a woman in forced prostitution. They also provide aftercare to help them in reclaiming their lives. $500 is our goal. We want to love our neighbor and seek justice as God has called us to do in His Word! He calls us to seek justice!

If you would like to be part of this by walking with us (if you live near us) or donating-- just email me at gcknight@verizon.net . I will keep you updated to our results!

If you want more info on IJM...go to http://www.ijm.org/

Here is a video that shows more about them and their fight against sex trafficking...

Here is a another video with Gary Haugen talking about their work in fighting slavery...I just bought the book he is talking about and am anxious to read it!


  1. God bless you and those who are going. What goes around us that we are unaware of is mindbending...may God help us to stop this awful injustice. Praying that His hand is on you and that you see Him move in Power, not just in your fundraising, but in the lives He lets you touch for His glory.

    bless you;
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. Just found you through another adoption blog, and was reading through some of your older posts. Isn't IJM an amazing organization? I met Gary Haugen several years ago (a Christian group I was in brought him to speak at our highly liberal law school) and every mouth was shut in the school-wide audience as he spoke from his experience and from his heart. Unbelievable. It was SO God.

    Thanks for your words. As we consider beginning our own Ethiopian adoption journey, those words are indeed welcome. :)



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