October 30, 2008

Things That Make Me Laugh!

Things that make me laugh:

We found out that Ab has been to Mexico! (remember he kept saying he had been to mexico and we kept telling him no you haven't!) Well, I was looking up Addis on google earth and there is an area in Addis called Mexico! I about fell off my seat!

This past weekend Ab has been obsessed with catching a bird and wanting to eat it. He thinks we can go and just catch one out of the air...He tells Dad to jump up and catch it. He has now changed to just catching one and keeping it. I showed him chicken in the freezer and that was how we got birds to eat in our home!

He is calling all of us 'honey' if we say something he doesn't hear or understands, he says 'what, honey?'

He believes everything he sees on TV...There is a commercial that shows sunglasses going over glasses and how much better you can see. He told us that he needs them because he can't see like that!

He likes to put 'pooh' at the end of everyone's name...Rachiepoo, Joshiepoo, Bekahpoo. My big kids are not amused.

He wanted to pick my mole off my arm. I felt something hurt and I looked down and he had grabbed it and was pulling! I said 'no Ab' and he told me 'it's okay..I got it' It took me a good while to convince him that he did not need to pull it off!

He tried to use a glue stick as chapstick!

When the Penney's lady asked if he was shy, he said "shower, no" He thought she was asking him to take a shower.

When he is hot and sweaty (which is most of the time), He opens the freezer door and sticks his head in.

He tells me 'thank you' when I give him a bath or shower. None of the other kids ever said thank you for a bath! smile

He thought our candy corn was teeth.

Laughter makes those long days seem shorter!


  1. He would be cracking me up all the time... ! Thanks for sharing those.. what a sweet, funny boy !
    I have actually put my head in the freezer some days to cool off too !
    ( not lately. :)

  2. So very precious! Just stumbled on your blog...LOVE your heart! :)

  3. Love, love, love it! Olivia Eyerus thanked me for something this morning that I had never been thanked for (can't remember what it was now) & I was so touched. Laughter is great & these kids are amazing!

  4. So funny-I love it! It is good that God gives us laughter and funny things, isn't it??!! :)


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