November 30, 2008

Is it a horse or a train?

Ab had seen a pic of the kids riding horses and kept telling me he wanted to do that...he wants to do everything he sees the kids have done in the pictures...So our good friend Debbie let us come over and ride. It hasn't rained for quite a long time...but we were blessed with alot of rain on this day! But we still had a good time.

Ab saw them in the field and yelled... "I want to drive that one. Big one! No thank you for help!"
Well , when we got in the barn, the confidence wore off a little. He was a little intimidated and didn't like it when they stopped or neighed.

Here is Rachel loving on one of them.

Ready to go! He was pretty comfortable in the seat!

Here is a video of Ab...Is it a horse or a train??

November 25, 2008

Snow in WV

We went to WV with family friends to a mountain cabin..Ab got his first experience with snow..Here is a video of him.... When he pointed he said 'momma , looks like Ethiopia'. He thought the mountains looked like Ethiopia (minus snow of course!)

I"ll post some more pics later..

Snow Pics

What? This is cold!


Preparing for a snowball fight. Ab didn't understand this too well. Came in yelling.

Josh taking off.

Rachel and Ben going down...

Bekah and Ab getting ready to go....Love those smiles .. Erin and Rachel in the background
Josh getting ready to give us a push

He picked up sledding pretty quick!

The Wink

Bekah and Becky

November 24, 2008


Ab had a rough night again last night (Sunday night)

He was crying for his mom (more sobbing) and he missed her. I asked him what he missed.....His answers? Her fixing him breakfast in the morning (which consisted of bread and dipping it in something red ???) Her walking him to school and the times that she played with him. He also misses his dad giving him money occasionally to buy him a chocolate.

What does this show me? It's the simple things that make our children feel loved. Sometimes we feel we have to 'do' so much to show love. What he misses is the day to day life with his family and their love being showed in those things.

Please continue to pray for us. I plan to email the social worker today to ask some questions on different things that concern me. Also pray that God will give us wisdom, consistency, love from Him, and compassion for Ab's hurt.

November 23, 2008


Ab had a rough night last Thursday night. It came completely unexpected. He went to bed fine and Bekah came to me and told me that he was sobbing in bed. I went in to find him clutching his picture books and sobbing. He has cried before but usually it's just tears running down his cheeks. This was wailing. I stood by his bed and just let him cry for a little bit and then asked him what was wrong. His response was that he was sad and he missed his mom. I carried him to the living room and just held him on my lap and let him cry. I also just keep repeating that his family in Ethiopia love him and that we love him.

I cannot even beginto describe the emotions I felt holding this precious boy in my lap and having him sob for his mother, wanting him to feel better but knowing that there was absolutely really nothing that I could do to make that hurt go away. I can comfort him but even that seems pale in light of what he is feeling.

But I do know that God is the comforter of the comfortless and that He can comfort way beyond my feeble attempts.

November 18, 2008

Total amount for IJM Walk-A-Thon

We raised just over $1600 for our International Justice Mission Walk-A-Thon! This amount will be able to cover the expenses to free 3 people from bonded slavery or 1 girl in forced prostitution and one person in bonded slavery..

See my link Terrify No More for more information or the video Just Courage to the right of my page.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this....We HAVE made a difference. All glory to God!

November 13, 2008

Referral Pics

I was taking a trip down memory lane and was amazed at how much Ab has grown and changed since we first got his referral pics. He has been home a little over 3 months now. Hard to believe!

Pics taken mid-May (our referral pics)

Picture taken by a traveling family sometime in early July

Picture taken at home about a month ago

November 12, 2008

The things you don't think to teach!

The last several weeks have been somewhat amusing at what we didn't think about 'teaching' Ab. The things that we take for granted that our children know from living in America.

One day the bathroom sink was stopped up. I checked it out and there was toilet paper and chewed gum stuffed down the drain. Ab had been sticking bathroom trash in it. He thought it was just the same as the toilet.

I came to the bathroom one night and he was cupping water in his hands and putting down the cabinet, which was covered with spit. He had missed the sink spitting and his way of cleaning up was to cup water and pour it over it.

He is amazed at the things we throw away. He is constantly checking out the trash and retrieving special things out of it!

He stands up to wash in the bathtub...He is used to standing in a round tub to get clean.

Standing in line...just plain doesn't get it that you get behind the last person...working on that one.....

He is so used to roaming around a neighborhood or compound that he doesn't understand why he has to let us know or ask and not just taking off and doing what he wants.....

On another note:
Josh gave him a piggy bank this week and Ab told us he was going to fill it with money so that he can take us all to Ethiopia. He misses Ethiopia. He doesn't say it much but he constantly talks about taking us there....I'm just glad he wants us to still go with him!

November 9, 2008

IJM Walk-A-Thon Success!

Our International Justice Mission Walk-A-Thon was a success! We have gone beyond our goal of $500 as of now and are still receiving donations! I'll give you an update when we have our final count.

I was very blessed by my SS class. They are a great bunch of young adults! We walked for a while and then stopped and prayed for individual groups of people. These gals blessed me by their hearts.
Some chose to do other fundraisers and some couldn't walk but still raised money. But we all came together for the sake of people who are being oppressed.
If you have never learned about IJM and their mission, please check my link Terrify No More or their website.
Below are some pictures from the walk:

November 6, 2008

Things That Make Me Sad

He is already forgetting his Amharic. I would so love to keep his language alive for him. I have recorded him praying to have as a keepsake. He is even starting to pray in English now, which I love to hear....but I miss his amharic prayers.

When I asked him what he would eat in Ethiopia and he told me bread dipped in water and then 'it was finished, no more food'

He tells me that the older boys in his neighborhood would hit him and kick him when he was crying and grab him by his coat.

That he continually thinks we are cheating him with something...whether it is books, food or attention.

When he asks to get on the plane and for our whole family to go Ethiopia.

When he gets a far away look in his eyes and I can tell he's thinking about home.

When he tells me about when he was taken to the orphanage.

When I think about his family must feel.

When I think about all the other children still needing a home in Ethiopia and all over the world.

When I think about the other orphanage we visited and how they just looked so lifeless and sad.

When I think about all the people in Ethiopia struggling for jobs, food, and just the basic necessities of life. When I think of how they are forced to make decisions that I can't even begin to fathom.

When I think of how often I just turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of the world.

November 1, 2008

Favorite Pic

Where's My Box?

I am known to like my personal space....Ab is now known to invade it 24/7....Dad snapped this shot while we were watching tv (or it looks like I was channel surfing!) ...he calls it the 'magnet'. I am so learning to let go of my selfishness....some days I still stink at it.

And then they begin to multiply! Oh...I am so loved :)

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