November 24, 2008


Ab had a rough night again last night (Sunday night)

He was crying for his mom (more sobbing) and he missed her. I asked him what he missed.....His answers? Her fixing him breakfast in the morning (which consisted of bread and dipping it in something red ???) Her walking him to school and the times that she played with him. He also misses his dad giving him money occasionally to buy him a chocolate.

What does this show me? It's the simple things that make our children feel loved. Sometimes we feel we have to 'do' so much to show love. What he misses is the day to day life with his family and their love being showed in those things.

Please continue to pray for us. I plan to email the social worker today to ask some questions on different things that concern me. Also pray that God will give us wisdom, consistency, love from Him, and compassion for Ab's hurt.


  1. I will be praying for you guys and for the Lord to heal the wounds in little Ab's heart. His hurts make me SO SO SAD. I cannot imagine what he feels like, but I know it has got to be unbelievably hard for such a little guy. You are doing such an amazing job, I am in awe. Ab will thrive in your family.

  2. Makes me want to hold you, as I'm sure you feel like sobbing, too.
    So sorry!
    We will pray for all the things you listed....and more!
    We will pray for peace of mind and heart for all of you!!!
    Love you!!


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