November 23, 2008


Ab had a rough night last Thursday night. It came completely unexpected. He went to bed fine and Bekah came to me and told me that he was sobbing in bed. I went in to find him clutching his picture books and sobbing. He has cried before but usually it's just tears running down his cheeks. This was wailing. I stood by his bed and just let him cry for a little bit and then asked him what was wrong. His response was that he was sad and he missed his mom. I carried him to the living room and just held him on my lap and let him cry. I also just keep repeating that his family in Ethiopia love him and that we love him.

I cannot even beginto describe the emotions I felt holding this precious boy in my lap and having him sob for his mother, wanting him to feel better but knowing that there was absolutely really nothing that I could do to make that hurt go away. I can comfort him but even that seems pale in light of what he is feeling.

But I do know that God is the comforter of the comfortless and that He can comfort way beyond my feeble attempts.

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