November 9, 2008

IJM Walk-A-Thon Success!

Our International Justice Mission Walk-A-Thon was a success! We have gone beyond our goal of $500 as of now and are still receiving donations! I'll give you an update when we have our final count.

I was very blessed by my SS class. They are a great bunch of young adults! We walked for a while and then stopped and prayed for individual groups of people. These gals blessed me by their hearts.
Some chose to do other fundraisers and some couldn't walk but still raised money. But we all came together for the sake of people who are being oppressed.
If you have never learned about IJM and their mission, please check my link Terrify No More or their website.
Below are some pictures from the walk:

1 comment:

  1. i linked to your blog a few days ago about something i found that also supports IJM!!! I'm so glad your walkathon was a success!!


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