November 12, 2008

The things you don't think to teach!

The last several weeks have been somewhat amusing at what we didn't think about 'teaching' Ab. The things that we take for granted that our children know from living in America.

One day the bathroom sink was stopped up. I checked it out and there was toilet paper and chewed gum stuffed down the drain. Ab had been sticking bathroom trash in it. He thought it was just the same as the toilet.

I came to the bathroom one night and he was cupping water in his hands and putting down the cabinet, which was covered with spit. He had missed the sink spitting and his way of cleaning up was to cup water and pour it over it.

He is amazed at the things we throw away. He is constantly checking out the trash and retrieving special things out of it!

He stands up to wash in the bathtub...He is used to standing in a round tub to get clean.

Standing in line...just plain doesn't get it that you get behind the last person...working on that one.....

He is so used to roaming around a neighborhood or compound that he doesn't understand why he has to let us know or ask and not just taking off and doing what he wants.....

On another note:
Josh gave him a piggy bank this week and Ab told us he was going to fill it with money so that he can take us all to Ethiopia. He misses Ethiopia. He doesn't say it much but he constantly talks about taking us there....I'm just glad he wants us to still go with him!


  1. So funny, and cute! It is amazing all the things we do that must look funny to folks not used to our culture :), esp the little ones! I tagged you for a fun thing, btw!

  2. It's 2 am, I cant sleep, again! I am smiling all over myself over this blog. You are so amazing, all of you are. When I read it, I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want to hug ya :) Thanks for sharing your journey with us & keep writing! It's great. (even at 2 am) lol

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. We are waiting for courts to bring home our 3 1/2 year old little man. Hearing your transitions helps us prepare! THANKS!


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