December 26, 2008

Formula Desperately Needed In Ethiopia!

Hello friends!

We have recently been made aware of the formula shortage in Ethiopia right now because the birr (Ethiopian currency) has lost value due to the downturn in the Ethiopian economy . Because of this trading with the Middle East, the normal source of formula, has been hampered.

This has resulted in a shortage of formula in the country and more specifically, dear to our hearts, the orphanages. Imagine trying to care for those precious babies and not knowing how you were going to feed them! I cannot fathom the heartache that must be. They are desperate for formula. This comes straight from Almaz, the director at Hannah's Hope.

Some of those same babies that I loved on, specifically at Enat Elam, are becoming sick from lack of formula and being fed powdered milk.

I have talked to Julie, my case manager, about specifically what we can do, here it is:

If you want to purchase powdered formula (no liquid!) , specifically up to about 12 months of age, you can give it to me (Chrissy). If you are further away, email me and I can give you the address of a traveling family to send it to. We will send this with traveling families as they go to Ethiopia. This is the best way to get it to Ethiopia.

Monetary Donations-- Because God is faithful and we are going to receive an enormous amount of formula (I like to think big with God) and sometimes people would prefer to just give money, we can collect money to help pay for the extra luggage charge to send over with formula with families traveling to Ethiopia. This is the cheapest way to get it there.

As far as monetary donations, they can be marked Formula for Ethiopia and made out to AGCI and send to address at bottom or you can also give monetary donations to me and I will send them on.

I know that I am always coming to you guys with one cause or another...and I am so grateful for your help each time. I just really want to help these precious babies! It absolutely crushes my heart to think that they are without the formula they need to grow and live. They already have so many odds stacked against them.
If we each just send one can of formula, what a difference we can directly make to those babies!
I can't imagine the pain and heartache the orphanage directors are going through...trying to feed all of those babies and not having what you need to do it. Can you imagine?

All God's Children
3308 NE Peerless Place
Portland, OR 97232

December 21, 2008

What's He Thinking?

This is a still from a video of Ab and I first meeting. We were looking through pictures last night and he saw this one and this is what he told me... (oh the power of the same language!)

"told me this was mom and hug you and you were talking and I was thinking what you sayin, I don't know english and I was lookin for someone to tell me what you were sayin"

Crack me up! I just laughed and laughed over that! Poor kid! And I was just a rambling! I wondered what was going through his I know!

December 5, 2008


I am restless. I am longing for something more. I am not sure what it is.

Ever been there?

There is something more God is planning for our lives.. There is something more for me to do. What is it? I have been told to see where God is moving and jump in. That doesn't help me. I see God working everywhere!

Is is adoption through foster care?

Is it forsaking it all and moving to Zambia?

Is it something related to Ethiopia?

Is it something that I am missing?

Or is it that I am just restless to be home, to be completely whole with Jesus? Am I just longing to no longer be a stranger in a foreign world but to be where one day my God will call me to live with Him forever.

I feel like I am on the high dive doing that little bounce before you jump. You know, the little tiny bounces that get you ready to jump? I'm preparing and ready but just not sure what I am jumping into....

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Pennies for Peace

Are you looking for a good way to teach your kids the value of a penny to some people of the world ? Most of us think a penny is useless or has no value. We would hesitate to even pick one up..... About a year ago, I read a book called Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson His story is an amazing one of a man making a promise to build a school in a remote village in Pakistan (he had gotten lost and sick mountain climbing) and keeping that promise. He promotes peace with books and education. He believes when you give the children of a country a hope and a future that it will change the world as they know it.

He has a program called Pennies for Peace to help build the schools (he has built 78 since 1996 and it was rough going in the beginning...) He used pennies to show what we consider worth nothing can do in a Third World and because anyone can donate some pennies and be a part.

It has helped my children to see the value of a penny and to know that school is a privilege in certain places that children will walk hours to get to. At his website there is a whole lesson for children. When we see a penny in a parking lot, we make sure to pick it up now for our Pennies for Peace Jar.

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