January 27, 2009

Black and White

It has been interesting watching Ab process living in a 'white' family. We were all riding in the car the other day and he declared that he wanted to go to Ethiopia and see his friends. We asked why and he said 'because they are black like me'. Interestingly, we have never called him 'black'. That's the word he chose.

Later that night, while brushing his teeth, he told us that he was 'black' because he ate something in Ethiopia to make him 'black'. While holding back laughter :), I told him that he is 'black' because God made him that color and God thinks that it is a good color .

He misses his friends and family. He asked again to go today because he wants to see his mom and dad. He also wants to see his friends at the orphanage. We were listening to Ethiopian music today and I think that brought some memories forth.

I have been trying to work on his Lifebook and honestly, it's been hard. I sit and look at all the pictures and it just makes me so sad! Seeing the faces of the children that are still there longing for a home just makes me want to travel back across the ocean and bring them home.

January 24, 2009

Not My Original Plan

We have recently received 2 letters from Ab's family.

I must admit when I started the adoption process last January, this was not in my original plan of how our adoption would be. In fact, when we received our referral and the paperwork said that both his mother and father was still alive, I was shocked.

I called our caseworker and asked all of those questions that you can imagine were floating around in my head. Why are they giving him up? Why can't we just help them? Are they sure? Is there anything we can do? etc. etc.

I was told that yes, they were offered help....yes, they are sure....and that their poverty is so extreme (at a level that we can't possibly understand) that this is the decision that they have had to make to ensure that their child has a hope and a future. When there are no government programs to help you when you are unemployed, no WIC, no food stamps, no medicaid and on and on. Put this with their ill health, you can begin to understand their heartache.

After meeting them, I know that they are beautiful people who love their son....and God softened my heart.

Instead of feeling like they are an intrusion, I long for and welcome their letters. Instead of feeling like it is a burden to send them updates, I want them to know every detail possible. Instead of feeling threatened from their presence, I feel blessed and loved.

While it may be easy for some to judge their choice (yes, I have come face to face with those who have) we do not understand their predicament or heartache, because most of us will never be faced with such a decision.

May God bless them for their love and sacrifice.

January 21, 2009

Mr. Dangerous and Ab

Mr. Dangerous (aka Andrew) is one of Ab's favorite people. For some reason, the first time he met him, he latched on and declared he was Dangerous! I think it has something to do with the big muscles ! Ab looks for him every Sunday at church and is astounded if he isn't there.

January 19, 2009

I want to play with fire!

We found out that Ab is fascinated with fire.

I told him the other day to go look at the comics downstairs by the fire (woodstove) which somehow translated to him, go put the comics in the fire. Big brother, Josh, caught him. After a discussion (I seem to be having lots of those lately!) on fire and how it will hurt you, burn you, etc, etc. I was told that "K" in Ethiopia played with fire and put it in his mouth and it didn't hurt him! Argh! We then lit a match and put our fingers next to it to see how hot the flame was. Ab decided putting it in your mouth would not be a good idea for him.

I think we have covered the fire playing now. I wonder what is next?

January 17, 2009

We are still learning!

We are still learning more and more about Ab. More about him, more on how to love him, more on how to discipline him and more on what he needs.

After Christmas, He got mad at me (this was actually the first time that he was ever mad at me.) I he had disobeyed in the toy store so we went out in the mall to sit on the bench while we waited for Rachel and Dad to come out. Well, this went over like a lead balloon. Pouty face on (to see pouty face click here) and arms crossed.

When Dad and Rachel came out, we all stood up and he just walked off. We just stood there and staring. Dad suggested we follow behind to see where he goes. So we stealthly followed (I've always wanted to be a secret agent spy!) and he went all through Penneys and never once turned to see where we were. He had no idea we were behind him. He finally got to a dead end in the sock dept and turned around and saw us.

I asked what he would've done if he turned around and we weren't there. His response was "I go get in the car and wait for you" AAAAAHHHH! After a long discussion (yes, in middle of the sock dept) of why we don't take off and what we do if we can't find mom, we walked on. Same thing happens in Belk. This time he walks off to look at something. Dad stayed behind him (again he has no idea where Dad was) and Rachel and I hid in the pants dept to see what would happen. Ab was not worried all...just stood and looked around until Dad spoke to him to let him know he was there. Another long discussion, this time in Belk.

The issue ? In Ethiopia, he was on his own quite a bit. Playing in the streets with a bunch of kids. He was also left at home some by himself. (He has asked already why he can't stay home by himself) So, to him, it's not a huge deal if he doesn't see us immediately. Something to work on....

Next Post: He wants to play with fire.

January 15, 2009

Asking for Prayer

There are many things floating through my head that I could post on today. But I feel that asking for prayer for a precious girl and family is the most important.

Please watch the video below and pray for Abby.

January 9, 2009

Zambia Trip Slide Show

I haven't had the opportunity to share with most of you about our trip to Zambia. Below is a slide show of my favorite pics. Slide show is below.

It was an amazing time...The pics of me sharing God's Word with the ladies is some of my favorites..(we call those the preacher pics...haha). Those ladies of Chikumbuso were amazing. I have never felt so loved in my entire life. Those gals have been through more than most of us will ever have to go through...but they are able to praise God at a moment's notice and were so loving and open to us. It really painted a picture for me of God's love. We danced and laughed with those ladies...I would love to spend weeks just with them and the ladies of Grippis Farm. Oh, to learn from them!

The pics of the field trip are special to me also because we were able to witness a miracle right as it happened. We had added 2 classes extra, AFTER the food had been purchased. On the way to the field trip we kept saying "there is no way there will be enough food...we even prayed God, just let them at least have rice".....Sharon told the oldest class that they wouldn't be able to have chicken (which amazingly, they were so happy to be on a field trip that they didn't mind) Remember that most of these kids are not getting enough food to each day and hardly ever getting meat......So we were really wanting to give them a good meal ! Well...God is faithful even when we are lacking faith...Not only did the older kids get to eat chicken but all of the children were able to get a second round after the field trip...I am telling you that God multiplied that food. There is NO WAY that the amount we had would have fed all of those kids twice! I even have pics of the amount of food and the amount of kids...It just doesn't add up...until you add God into dynamics! We were completely amazed at God !

January 1, 2009


We had a great Christmas at the Knight home. Some behaviorial issues came up with Ab which I think was partly due to all of the activity. I"ll post more on that later. I think alot of it is just a different cultural mindset. We had a great time and some funny things happened.

While putting up the nativity, Ab looked at the Virgin Mary and declared that he didn't like her and Mary didn't like him! (what in the world!) Greg explained how Mary was the mother of Jesus and yada yada yada. Ab then declares, " OK in America, Ab likes Mary!" He was serious as can be!

Then a week later, he saw his first rainbow in America and yelled "Mary makes those in Ethiopia!"

Ab loved the Christmas lights. He enjoyed riding around looking at all of those. Christmas morning was a bit overwhelming but we tried to keep it low key....The kids all exchanged their gifts for each other on Christmas eve. Ab loved shopping for his brothers and sisters. He wanted to by them BIG stuff. I told him at one point that we didn't have that much money and while in the cart, in the middle of Walmart, he puts his hands in the air and looks up to Heaven and says "Jesus give me $20, $20 Jesus, give me" ($20 to him is a boatload of money)

There was also a time that one of those catalogs came in the mail. He poured over all the toys and wanted the $200 electric scooter...I told him it was too much money. He took it and kneeled over it on the couch and began rocking and praying and looked at Josh and said "pray with me Josh!"

This is somewhat of a challenge, he thinks he can have anything he wants here (to him we are super duper rich) and he is so used to praying for his needs with a fervent spirit. Yet, his need here really isn't a $200 scooter!

Below are our getting the tree pics. Ab thought that he could cut it down and drag it all by himself! He found out that he needed help!

Bekah being goofy!

Rachel taking a turn sawing

Being sillly!
Ab sawing!

All the kids

Rach and Ab

Decorating at home!
Ab putting the star on the tree! Look at those dirty socks! Guess who needs to mop her floor!

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