January 27, 2009

Black and White

It has been interesting watching Ab process living in a 'white' family. We were all riding in the car the other day and he declared that he wanted to go to Ethiopia and see his friends. We asked why and he said 'because they are black like me'. Interestingly, we have never called him 'black'. That's the word he chose.

Later that night, while brushing his teeth, he told us that he was 'black' because he ate something in Ethiopia to make him 'black'. While holding back laughter :), I told him that he is 'black' because God made him that color and God thinks that it is a good color .

He misses his friends and family. He asked again to go today because he wants to see his mom and dad. He also wants to see his friends at the orphanage. We were listening to Ethiopian music today and I think that brought some memories forth.

I have been trying to work on his Lifebook and honestly, it's been hard. I sit and look at all the pictures and it just makes me so sad! Seeing the faces of the children that are still there longing for a home just makes me want to travel back across the ocean and bring them home.

1 comment:

  1. It's great that Ab is TALKING to you about his feelings! That should be encouraging to you. Cute that he said he ate something to make him "black."


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