January 17, 2009

We are still learning!

We are still learning more and more about Ab. More about him, more on how to love him, more on how to discipline him and more on what he needs.

After Christmas, He got mad at me (this was actually the first time that he was ever mad at me.) I he had disobeyed in the toy store so we went out in the mall to sit on the bench while we waited for Rachel and Dad to come out. Well, this went over like a lead balloon. Pouty face on (to see pouty face click here) and arms crossed.

When Dad and Rachel came out, we all stood up and he just walked off. We just stood there and staring. Dad suggested we follow behind to see where he goes. So we stealthly followed (I've always wanted to be a secret agent spy!) and he went all through Penneys and never once turned to see where we were. He had no idea we were behind him. He finally got to a dead end in the sock dept and turned around and saw us.

I asked what he would've done if he turned around and we weren't there. His response was "I go get in the car and wait for you" AAAAAHHHH! After a long discussion (yes, in middle of the sock dept) of why we don't take off and what we do if we can't find mom, we walked on. Same thing happens in Belk. This time he walks off to look at something. Dad stayed behind him (again he has no idea where Dad was) and Rachel and I hid in the pants dept to see what would happen. Ab was not worried all...just stood and looked around until Dad spoke to him to let him know he was there. Another long discussion, this time in Belk.

The issue ? In Ethiopia, he was on his own quite a bit. Playing in the streets with a bunch of kids. He was also left at home some by himself. (He has asked already why he can't stay home by himself) So, to him, it's not a huge deal if he doesn't see us immediately. Something to work on....

Next Post: He wants to play with fire.


  1. Oh my! Wow, I didn't think about this one! HA! Thanks for the post, good to know, good to know.
    Have a good night, and possibly look into a leash? (just kidding!)


  2. Wow! Amazing how circumstances are so different in other cultures and countries. What awesome parents you are to watch how he responds, see how he "ticks"... the amazing way God made Ab. I am coming over for parenting lessons. :) Wednesday night? I will bring a notebook for taking notes.....


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