January 9, 2009

Zambia Trip Slide Show

I haven't had the opportunity to share with most of you about our trip to Zambia. Below is a slide show of my favorite pics. Slide show is below.

It was an amazing time...The pics of me sharing God's Word with the ladies is some of my favorites..(we call those the preacher pics...haha). Those ladies of Chikumbuso were amazing. I have never felt so loved in my entire life. Those gals have been through more than most of us will ever have to go through...but they are able to praise God at a moment's notice and were so loving and open to us. It really painted a picture for me of God's love. We danced and laughed with those ladies...I would love to spend weeks just with them and the ladies of Grippis Farm. Oh, to learn from them!

The pics of the field trip are special to me also because we were able to witness a miracle right as it happened. We had added 2 classes extra, AFTER the food had been purchased. On the way to the field trip we kept saying "there is no way there will be enough food...we even prayed God, just let them at least have rice".....Sharon told the oldest class that they wouldn't be able to have chicken (which amazingly, they were so happy to be on a field trip that they didn't mind) Remember that most of these kids are not getting enough food to each day and hardly ever getting meat......So we were really wanting to give them a good meal ! Well...God is faithful even when we are lacking faith...Not only did the older kids get to eat chicken but all of the children were able to get a second round after the field trip...I am telling you that God multiplied that food. There is NO WAY that the amount we had would have fed all of those kids twice! I even have pics of the amount of food and the amount of kids...It just doesn't add up...until you add God into dynamics! We were completely amazed at God !

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