February 24, 2009

China Night

We had china night last week after spending several days reading and studying about Chinese Dynasties...(ever study about Wu Zetian?? Wow! Shocking!) We ended it with a chinese dinner of tea, fried rice, egg drop soup and stir fry and of course, fortune cookies. Rachel even dressed for the occasion.

Poor Ab, he just is getting used to silverware and then I give him chopsticks! They are practicing below on the noodles while waiting for dinner. We had chinese music in the background and dad pretended to be a chinese waiter...that was priceless!

February 21, 2009

What does a blessing look like?

Below is the formula that I just shipped to a traveling family to take to Ethiopia on March 8. This is thanks to all of my generous friends who donated the formula and over $1000 to AGCI to go towards formula. Thank you! This is a blessing!

First Book Read in English

Ab read his first book this week in English...and he was very very proud!

February 17, 2009

Volunteering at International Justice Mission

A fellow friend and I went up to DC on Wednesday to volunteer at IJM's office. After alot of traffic, we finally got there. It is an amazing place. I could feel God's presence there in every room. We even were able to join in the prayer time, which was led by Gary Haugen (one of my heroes of the faith.) To hear them pray for the people specifically that they are trying to help blessed my heart.

What did we do? Stuffed envelopes for their Freedom Campaign! See http://www.ijm.org/freedompartner

At this point, I just want to do something to be a part and help. I seriously would've scrubbed the toilets with a smile on my face!

See http://www.ijm.org/ for more about IJM or take a look at the video Just Courage on the right sidebar of this page.

February 14, 2009

Lent Celebration

Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline.

This year our family is going to celebrate Lent. This isn't something we normally do, but after watching my catholic friends celebrate it each year, I felt led to join in.

We have chosen to prepare our hearts for Easter, to sacrificially give to the children of Zambia that we served in and to help supply the orphans of Hannah's Hope with what they need.. We are doing this by each day really looking at what we are purchasing and spending our money on and asking ourselves, "Is this really worth it?... Can this be better spent? How much more will this affect lives in Zambia or Ethiopia?"

Giving out of our leftovers or abundance is easy. It's giving up something to bless others that makes it more of a struggle in our hearts.

I know that this will teach us alot..what we hold on tightly do, we what we can do without, how much we wastefully spend, and how much we can bless others if we have the desire.

Lent starts February 25 and goes through Easter.

We are going to place a jar on our counter to collect our money in each day to see how much we are accumulating from giving up our wants.

I share this not to say 'look at what we are doing' instead I share it to invite you to join me.

You can join in my in my giving to the children of Zambia through GrassRoots Heroes (email me at Chrissy@grassrootsheroes.org )

or my fellow friends for Ethiopia can join with me in helping supply Hannah's Hope Ethiopia with the items they need.

If you'd like to join me, let me know at gcknight@verizon.net and we can walk the road together!

February 6, 2009

Snow Tubing

We went snow tubing a couple of weeks ago...It was actually my first time going at a ski place. I would not have won 'mom of the year award'! Ab, of course, had never been ...and hopped on a tube and told me he wanted to go by himself. Okay, I said....and gave him a push. Now, a more together mom would have made sure she was in the lane beside him or at least made sure someone would help! Ab got to the bottom (smiling the whole way according to people who were beside him!) and when he was done, looked around and began to walk back up the hill! We were all yelling "no, go the other way!" My pastor, crossed the lanes and helped him out. It was a great night. He loved the tubing...below are pics of him and the kids...I never got a pic of Josh...we weren't at the top the same time!

Ready to go!
mom giving a push


Bekah and Casey
Rissa, Rachel and Ab

February 3, 2009

Letters from Home

Ab received another letter and pics from his mom. He enjoyed reading them (as did I). They are very humbling for me to read. The gratefulness and love towards us is amazing.
Ab wanted to write a letter back. Bekah wrote it while he just said things he wanted to tell them. I have saved that one. Mom had to do an edited version because I didn't want them to feel bad over certain things.....
What did he say?
I love you, I love you very much.
I'm coming to Ethiopia when I am bigger and see you.
Can you come to America with me?
How is your leg?
I have $6. I am going to send it to you for work.
Call me tomorrow.
I am strong and do wood.
Can you send me my checkers?
Are my friends playing together?
Plus some other stuff about his life...
You can probably guess what I edited out. We had some good discussion while writing it and it helped me to see more of a glimpse of what he is feeling. He acts like sometimes that he doesn't miss them and he is perfectly content. This shows me the feelings are there.
Sunday I spent the evening (while hubby watched Superbowl) scanning everything so in case something happened to the orginals, I would have a backup. I recommend everyone does that.
What a soul stretching journey.
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