February 3, 2009

Letters from Home

Ab received another letter and pics from his mom. He enjoyed reading them (as did I). They are very humbling for me to read. The gratefulness and love towards us is amazing.
Ab wanted to write a letter back. Bekah wrote it while he just said things he wanted to tell them. I have saved that one. Mom had to do an edited version because I didn't want them to feel bad over certain things.....
What did he say?
I love you, I love you very much.
I'm coming to Ethiopia when I am bigger and see you.
Can you come to America with me?
How is your leg?
I have $6. I am going to send it to you for work.
Call me tomorrow.
I am strong and do wood.
Can you send me my checkers?
Are my friends playing together?
Plus some other stuff about his life...
You can probably guess what I edited out. We had some good discussion while writing it and it helped me to see more of a glimpse of what he is feeling. He acts like sometimes that he doesn't miss them and he is perfectly content. This shows me the feelings are there.
Sunday I spent the evening (while hubby watched Superbowl) scanning everything so in case something happened to the orginals, I would have a backup. I recommend everyone does that.
What a soul stretching journey.


  1. Wow. Wow. His letter is heart-wrenching yet hopeful at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very interesting. What a tender heart and desire to help his other parents. Amazing. He sounds like a wonderful child! It's so great he gets to still hear from them!!


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