February 6, 2009

Snow Tubing

We went snow tubing a couple of weeks ago...It was actually my first time going at a ski place. I would not have won 'mom of the year award'! Ab, of course, had never been ...and hopped on a tube and told me he wanted to go by himself. Okay, I said....and gave him a push. Now, a more together mom would have made sure she was in the lane beside him or at least made sure someone would help! Ab got to the bottom (smiling the whole way according to people who were beside him!) and when he was done, looked around and began to walk back up the hill! We were all yelling "no, go the other way!" My pastor, crossed the lanes and helped him out. It was a great night. He loved the tubing...below are pics of him and the kids...I never got a pic of Josh...we weren't at the top the same time!

Ready to go!
mom giving a push


Bekah and Casey
Rissa, Rachel and Ab


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