March 4, 2009


We have enjoyed about 6 inches of snow the last couple of days. Yesterday , the temperatures dropped drastically. All four kids were outside playing for quite a while, building forts, sledding and all sorts of snowy things. They all came busting through the door and Ab was just crying.

Reason: He had his first experience of feeling like you have frostbite.

He had got snow down in his boots so his socks had gotten wet and of course that made it even worse. The poor thing just sobbed. When we finally got him calmed down and eating some soup to warm him up, he said "I don't know what's happening to me!" Poor guy. Who knows what he thought was happening!

But, he was ready to go back out this morning...He said it was too hard to come in when he gets cold because he wants to stay outside!

1 comment:

  1. ooohh! I bet Ab loves the snow!
    cute pictures. :)
    I'm continuing to follow your 'journey' whenever I can. It's amazing how God works and moves and lives in each of our families in different ways.
    I continue to be proud of you and love you for how God is using your life, Chrissy!


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