March 11, 2009

Where's the Mountain? Can we go to Ethiopia?

We went hiking last Sunday. We tend not to exlain too much details to Ab when we are going somewhere because it will lead to a million questions that are hard to answer and gets him even more confused. We had just told him we were going to the mountain. After a drive up the mountain and getting out, he stood there and looked around and asked "Where is the mountain?"

Of course, we all had a good chuckle over it. My response? "You are standing on it!"

We had to have a long conversation yesterday with him. He had asked to go to Ethiopia again. I explained to him that if we went now, it would make him really sad when he had to leave again. He asked me why we would have to leave. I told him that we couldn't live in Ethiopa because we wouldn't have a house there and daddy wouldn't have work. He looked really confused and told me that there were houses there..... more discussion....I finally told him that his mom and dad in Ethiopia wanted him to live in America so he could grow up and be healthy and strong (he has told me that's what they told him.) I am not sure if that was the correct way to handle it. So much of it is a guessing game on what he can handle knowing. I think sometimes he thinks he is on a 'vacation' of sorts. He constantly asks when he can go back. He has $6.00 that he says he is saving up to go.
Please pray for me that I have wisdom to know how to answer him.

Rachel , Ab, and Greg

Bekah 'falling off the mountain'
My girls

Joshua being big brother and helping Ab

Ab 'on the mountain'

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  1. WOW... I've been WAITING for our language barrier to be lifted...and it IS going well...but I didn't think about all the questions that would come up once we COULD communicate better. Thanks for helping me think through it. AND, YES, I think you gave him a wonderful answer! My new phrase is "Use your parental gut!"


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