March 31, 2009


The last time we had contact with Ab's family, they gave me their church's email address to use. I hesitated a while to use it, but they asked some questions that I wanted to give them answers for without waiting for mail. So I took a leap and sent one.

Their pastor, Pastor Henok, sent me a wonderful email soon after thanking us for what we are doing for Ab, his family, and Ethiopia.

I just received another one today. I had sent an email asking about some relatives of Ab in America and trying to place everyone in the right spot. Pastor Henok emailed me back and told me that Ab's parents testified in front of the congregation for what God is doing in their family.

I had also asked him about his church...Wow...His church has a ministry helping to take care of the sisters from the orphanage that come out and have no training and need help. They find them housing and train them and help get them started. I found out that Ab's mom was one of those sisters from the orphanage. Wow.

I am in awe that God placed Ab with us, that we were willing to have contact, that his parents wanted contact, that his Pastor gave us his permission and blessing to use his email , and that I am so bonded in my heart to these people and their country.

Ab climbed up in my lap this evening and after those emails, I cannot even begin to describe how good his hug felt.


  1. What an amazing story God has you a part of : )

  2. That gives me goosebumps! Wow, what an amazing tapestry God is weaving of your lives. I only hope our journey gets to reflect God like that!
    So is Henok over there like John or Joe over here?



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