April 21, 2009

Lamb Fostering

Below are some pics of our 'lamb fostering'.

A fun project. The kids have to bottle feed them several times each day. Our house feels like a zoo with chicks, lambs, and the like. But I love going out in the yard and hearing them cry for us to come over! The funny thing is the puppy runs with us to feed them and tries to steal their milk! She licks their face and the bottle as it drops out!


  1. How sweet! You are very blessed to have all that new life around you. What a great experience for the kids.

  2. That's just precious! I wish we lived in the country.. I remember one year my mom bought baby chicks and a goose, we had so much fun chasing them around! We had to give them away though because we didn't really have the room for them.. But it was fun.


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