April 3, 2009


Ab has a way of making us laugh...sometimes on purpose and sometimes innocently. The other night, I was putting him to bed and he told me:

" When I was thinking about my new mom and dad, I was thinking dad would be big like Andrew and you would be little like David's mom"

I told him "sorry Ab, you got us" and he replied "That's okay"

Now for those that don't know...Andrew is one of Ab's favorite guys (20 something) and is whom he calls Dangerous .... when he says big he means muscles.

David's mom is our good friend Cecy Fencer who is Bolivian and is very tiny...about 1/3 of me! :)

The guard at Hannah's Hope, whom Ab was VERY attached to, was very muscular. Ab was more upset about leaving him than the special moms. They hugged and hugged and took tons of pictures of each other. Great guy. I think that is where his fascinations with muscles comes from (other than the fact he is a young boy obsessed with superheroes.)

And everyone in Ethiopia was very small. I literally looked like a giant and I"m only 5'7".

He made us laugh over that....who knows what his brain was thinking all along!

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