April 6, 2009

Soccer Game.....Check!

Ab had his first soccer game this past Saturday. It was a colder day than we've been having but he loved it! He is on his best bud's team and his dad is coaching...perfect set-up! His first practice got rained out...If I heard "when am I going to play soccer?" once, I heard it a hundred times!

He scored 2 goals and was very excited to say they won. He prayed that night "Thank you God for letting me play soccer and thank you that I scored 2 goals!"
Brother Joshua also had his first soccer game at a very windy and cold Eastside. Both games were at 9am at different places. Dad went one way, Rachel and I another. Thankfully, that only happens one other time.
Joshua helping with Ab's practice
Rachel looking very cute for the camera

Ab's first practice

The 'game on' face

That's the "Are you crazy?" look

First game:

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